Energy Cables

4SProducts m-VOLT® and h-VOLT® energy cables are widely used in power cable grids and for building electrical installations in many countries around the world. We provide the infrastructural solution that delivers uninterrupted energy supply to modern day towering structures with conductive capacity, reliability and durability.

4SProducts produces custom design cables to meet worldwide norms and customer demands. Our cables are producedin integrated facilities using most advanced technologies and methods in conformance with international standards.

Within the energy cables production facilities, 4SProducts manufactures Aluminum conductors for overhead transmission lines, special cables, and all types of energy cables with Copper and Aluminum conductors. The Copper and Aluminum rods, coming from the rod production unit, undergo the processes of wire drawing, insulation, braiding, shielding and sheathing in order to adhere to the most stringent customer requirements.

4SProducts cables are rigorously tested during all stages of production before the final product is packaged and delivered to end-users. Our tests take place in special labs and are conducted by a team of experts with the latest testing technologies and equipment.