Aluminum Wire Rods

Aluminum Wire Rods

Aluminum Wire Rods:

Aluminum; one of the most basic raw materials used in the production of cables and conductors is produced in our facilities. Producing the aluminum wire rods in-house ensures full compliance with our stringent quality controls, and minimizes external factor(s) vulnerabilities to the lowest possible levels.

Production is carried out by converting aluminum ingots to wire rods through the continuous casting technique. The aluminum wire rods thus produced offer the highest quality in cables and overhead conductors and yield excellent mechanical and electrical cable properties.

Product : Aluminum Wire Rods

Diameter : 9.5±0.5 or 12±0.5 mm

Guaranteed Chemical Composition: EN AW 1370 (EAI 99.7)

Packaging wound in large coils, tied with plastic tapes
and presented to our customers on wooden

Weight : 2000 kg ±10%